One of my writer friends recently shared a link on Facebook that advertised a “writer’s cabin” in rural Iowa.  Basically, you pay somewhere north of $700 for a week’s stay in a fully furnished cabin that has access to wifi.  But the proprietor of the establishment specifically built this spot with writers in mind.

I have another friend of mine who used to take regular sabbaticals where he would rent a remote cabin in the Pacific Northwest and spend weeks writing.

To be honest – I love the idea of packing it up for a week or a long weekend and going somewhere quiet to write, but to be honest – I’ve also considered taking a couple work trips just so I could sleep alone for a full eight hours without having to deal with one of my children. 🙂  (Just kidding honey, if I get sent to L.A., it is going to be for work – the “sleeping alone” bit is just a bonus.)  So I don’t think my desire for a writer’s retreat comes from an honest “I’m looking to get my book done” place.  That would be the main purpose behind a retreat, but … yeah.  I think the idea of a good night’s sleep is what makes the idea of a writer’s retreat really sexy right now.


Writing / Doing:  Edits keep moving along on AL.  I’ve been stuck on a particular chapter that I really do need quiet and peace to power through.  It’s only three chapters into my novel, but it is pivotal – it establishes relationship between two of the main characters and it propels the storyline and explains some of the “why.”  So – although I get frustrated that outlining my intentions hasn’t produced squat, I’m OK that it’s taking some time.  It’s important.  At this point, I’ve resigned myself that my idea of being done with first draft edits by April 1st was just a really, really good pipe dream.  I think July is a more appropriate date.  And once I get a couple more projects done at work and build up some more PTO, I think I’m going to take a couple days off to power through.

This is where I’ve tossed around an idea for a “DIY Writer’s Retreat.”  Do I need to go to a cabin for solitude?  Not really.  I joke about the lustful thoughts I have about sleep, but honestly – I’d miss my husband and kiddos.  But, you know what would be an easy fix?  Going to the library.  It’s free.  I live in a city where the library and other structures are connected via skyways – and the Starbucks is just a couple skyways away from my library.

Reading:  A couple friends of mine have released books:

I already read a draft of Jerry’s book, Tony’s book is on tap.  I told Jerry that I’d write a review for Amazon, but I’m
still formulating what I want to say.  I loved “Scrawny Dog,” although it confounds description.  And to be honest – although I know a lot of writers and have many friends who practice the craft, Jerry’s my mentor – his love for the craft cannot be hemmed in by a review and my appreciation of his talent comes off as one-dimensional.  I am a writer, but there are days where I know that I will spend the rest of my life trying to come up with the words that are enough to express how much he means to me as a person.