Friday Fare: 11/10/17

I shared this link awhile ago with a certain mentor of mine and told him that there’s a lot of Frances McDormand in the main character of my novel Dragonfly.  This woman is equal parts luminosity and sandpaper.  I adore Frances McDormand. Thriller writer (and all around kick ass person) Cate Holahan contributed this piece […]

Friday Fare: 11/3/17

By the time some of you read this, I’ll be in my mom-mobile and heading north to northern Wisconsin with a pair of dear friends for a girls’ / writing weekend.  I have a penchant for GSD (getting sh*t done) while away on weekends, so I’m hoping to keep up with that winning streak. In […]

Friday Fare: 10/27/17

This article seems timely with Halloween upon us. I think I’ve talked before about how much I appreciate good journalism. Obviously, that stems from my past life as a reporter.  But there’s nothing more satisfying to me than a well executed series of stories.  Check out this one from the Los Angeles Times about a […]

Friday Fare: 10/13/17

Well, this article was good news for me considering I’m profane, a slob, and like to stay up until the wee hours of the late evening.  (If I’m not in bed by midnight, I turn into a freakin’ Gremlin, so none of the “hours of the morning” for this mom of two.) This was a […]

Friday Fare: 10/6/17

To say this week was a shitty week, that really doesn’t do it justice.  And I’m one of the lucky ones – I wasn’t innocently attending a concert and shot at by some deranged asshole with an arsenal of weapons.  I didn’t lose someone that I loved.  I have my house, electricity, and healthy family […]

Friday Fare: 9/29/17

I’m sitting at my desk, wearing a fleece as I write this.  And. It’s. Heavenly.  Here’s some good stuff from the Interwebs: Monday (September 25th) was One-Hit Wonder Day and one of my former high school classmates (who’s also a kick ass DJ down in Waterloo, Iowa) posted his list of favorites.  There are a […]

Friday Fare: 9/22/17

The days still feel like summer, but the nights are reminiscent of fall (and actually, it is now officially fall – hooray!).  And it’s Friday.  Let’s dig in: My husband and I are both fans of Patton Oswalt and his razor-sharp wit.  And although we don’t *know* Mr. Oswalt and his late wife Michelle McNamara, […]