On an extended coffee break …

Oooof … I go back and read my recent (ha!) Friday Fare posts and wow … who is that person?  Did I really write those posts? Can I go back to February and hang out with my dear friend Anderson and re-watch John Waters at The Parkway Theatre?  I remember talking vaguely about COVID-19 with her, but yeah … anyway.

So, briefly … my family has been blessed with our health. We’ve been spared the impact of job loss (so far). All of this togetherness is taking a bit of a toll (more on the kids than the parents at this point), but we are luckier than most and we try to be mindful of that.  (Even as my kids are in the next room fighting over the remote. Oh children, you are lucky you didn’t grow up during the 80s. You’d be SOL with commercials, limited to three channels on a good day, and you’d have to WALK to change the channel.)

But, as COVID continues to spread and as we await to see what the State of Minnesota recommends for the next school year and with everything else that’s going on, the space and time for creative thought is a rare unicorn in my household. So I’m going to take an extended coffee break from the blog until I have the capacity to keep that plate spinning up in the air with everything else that’s going on.

If you’re reading this, I hope that you are healthy and in decent spirits. Until the next time, wash your damn hands, wear a damn mask (if you are able), be kind to your grocery clerk, and just be kind in general.

– Shelley