Book Dump: 5/9/2017

More from my unmanageable stack of books!  Here’s some of the books that are on my To Be Read (TBR) pile:

  • When Beauty Tamed the Beast – Eloisa James.  I’m a sucker for a couple things in my choice of books: Snappy book titles and plays on fairy tales.  And yes, sometimes if there’s a bodice ripping or some smut involved, I’m even more enamored.
  • This one is a classic mystery – The House at Satan’s Elbow – first published in 1965 by John Dickson Carr.  I chose this one to be a TBR for a few reasons … first off, the cover.  I love the classic minimalism of books from the 60s and 70s.  Secondly – the title.  Zing!  Third – a classic mystery.  To be a successful writer, one must study the craft.
  • Where the Dead Lie by C.S. Harris – Again, a plethora of things going for this one … a snappy title and be still my heart!  This is book #12 in a series.  Twelve is a nice, bingeworthy number of books.
  • Nick Cave.  I just talked about Mr. Cave’s music and tragedy the other day.  And the Ass Saw the Angel is his only novel.  Looking forward to acquiring a copy of this.

What’s on your TBR list?

Friday Fare

Friday Fare: 5/5/17

A few good things from the Interwebs this week:

This excerpt was nowhere near long enough.  Cannot wait to read Patricia Lockwood’s memoir.

Warren Beatty is 80.  And according to this article, he’s still got it.  And he’s funny as hell, worth a read.

It’s been years since I’ve read Neil Gaiman’s “American Gods,” but it should surprise no one that the book is rooted in Midwestern weirdness.

I’ve made this dish twice already and it’s been my morning breakfast.  And sometimes an afternoon snack.  It is so effing good.


Writing Life: I had last Sunday to myself and established my editing calendar for “Dragonfly.”  And yeah … I’m already behind.  But it’s OK. I got one night of edits in and as soon as I put my notebook and laptop away, the ideas started flowing in on how to revive a troublesome chapter.  <– That’s why you pay tribute to the Muse. Even if her timing is fricking inconvenient. 


Monday Mayhem: Happy May Day!

Man … it’s been awhile since I’ve written a post for Monday Mayhem.  Which basically translates to “I didn’t have time to write a post for Friday Fare, so I’ll play some catch up.”

A couple things I read this past week that I really enjoyed:

  • Nick Cave.  His music is haunting.  His presence … I’d say it was indescribable, but I have a picture of him in my Pinterest, so it’s safe to say that Nick Cave will eventually inspire a character in my fictional world.
  • This one comes from my dear friend and mentor, Jerry.
  • Old Crow Medicine Show is re-imagining Bob Dylan’s iconic “Blonde On Blonde?”  I’m not throwing my money at them, but I am intrigued.  (For the record, I think that the OCMS concert I attended in 2015 is my favorite live music experience.)
  • I’ve made these cookies three times.  They are that good.

Writing Life: I’m actually writing this blog post from my local library.  My husband had Saturday to get together with some of his friends and play board games (featuring a double batch of the above-mentioned cookies.)

Goes well with coffee.

So, I’m stealing today to try and make some progress on “Dragonfly” and catch up on some writerly things.  I’ve set some goals for how many chapters I want to work through per week.  Need to do some noodling on a couple characters.  All good things.

Wishing you a good week!