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Friday Fare: Hello Gorgeous

Friday FareFriday Fare is my “best of” when it comes to Internet links that I’ve read this week.  Here are the articles that caught my attention and maybe made me a smarter person this week:

If anyone asks me whether I am going to go down the self-publishing or traditional publishing route, I am honest.  I do not know.  Hence, I am grateful for articles like this one that give an in-depth look at some of the pros and cons of self-publishing.

I’ve found another late bandwagon in which to jump upon.  Mindy Kaling.  My God … I’ve only seen a handful of episodes of the US version of “The Office” and I’ve totally missed “The Mindy Project,” but I need to read her autobiography.  This Atlantic article has convinced me of it.  Why?  Because I work my ass off and am hoping to someday reap the success of my efforts.  And Ms. Kaling seems to eloquently capture that: “‘There is a certain type of greasy hair that you get only when you are writing with no breaks,’ Kaling confides, telling the story of her creation of The Mindy Project. ‘And I had it, big-time. If I breathed in deeply, I could smell my unwashed scent, and it was intoxicating. It smelled like hard work.'”  (As the author of the Atlantic piece said “gross” – but you know what?  Totally get it. [Although I think I probably smell more like “lazy-mom-who-works-from-home-and-forgets-to-shower” versus a hard worker.  Sorry peeps!])

Not sure if this is a “fun” read, but I like any time when the conundrums of the world can be plotted via chart.


Listening to: Monday found me driving to a 7 AM breakfast with a local politician.  Since I didn’t want to take myself too seriously, I kept the CD in my mom-mobile playing.  Politics + Muppets Most Wanted “Sequel” song = Reasonable.  Tuesday found me the victim of a craptacular pot of coffee, so I soothed my morning by listening to some Don Williams.  The rest of the week was a crapshoot of whatever my computer told me to listen to (Bruce Hornsby! Bob Seger!  Avett Brothers!).

Reading: I’ve checked out an interesting mix of eBooks from the library lately – “Pastrix” by Nadia Bolz-Weber, “I am Malala” by Malala Yousafzai, and Lena Dunham’s “Not That Kind of Girl.”  I think my mind will explode from the various perspectives my brain is about to digest.  And that sounds marvvy.

Fiction Update:  Outlining, outlining, outlining.  I sent my BFF a list of goals that I’ve made for the month of September.  And finishing the outline for “Dragonfly” will likely be the only one I accomplish (since I’ve already biffed it on unpacking one box a day in the new house.)  Priorities, right?

Happy Friday, friends!

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