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Friday Fare: Dreaming of spring

Friday FareFriday Fare is where I post links to the random articles that have resonated with me during the week. Sometimes they make me smarter, sometimes they make me hungry … sometimes they have to do with writing and sometimes they are just plain random.

I guess the biggest news of my week is that in August, I’m going to be caravan-ing with some fellow members of the Twin Cities Sisters in Crime and will be attending the Writers Police Academy in Green Bay, WI.  Or, as one of my fellow toddler moms/writers IM’d me: writers + guns + weekend without kids = AWESOME.

Have you written a good short story and want to submit it somewhere?  Check out this article from the Mystery Writers of America – New York Chapter. (While this is from an MWA chapter, there are some listings that aren’t limited to the mystery genre.)

If all goes well today, I plan on visiting this old coot tonight (Friday, 2/26/16) and cheer him on at his latest book signing.

Why yes, Chrissy Teigen’s new cookbook has nothing to do with writing, but this cookbook is going to make its way into my collection soon.  I just love her philosophy on food and her smackdowns on social media typically border on awesome, if not epic.


Listening to: I’ve become something of a YouTube junkie.  I love to listen to NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts and shows from KEXP, a Seattle radio station.  This song from the Dave Rawlings Machine has been in pretty heavy rotation lately.

Reading: I read another J.D. Horn book in a day.  Then I revisited childhood with some a recent Christopher Pike novel.  (I was OBSESSED with him when I was a teenager.  I actually ordered one of my favorite books of his to rediscover why I liked him so much.)

Fiction Update: I finished my short story and I feel pretty good about it.  Even if it doesn’t make it to the anthology I’m pitching it for, I think it has legs and a chance elsewhere.  I really enjoyed the process of discovery with the story and characters.  I also enjoyed the discipline of taking something that started out at 5,700 words and trimming that down to a lean 3,900.  In terms of my larger projects, I ordered this book in preparation to start editing the next draft of AL.  That’s been on the back burner since July – I think it’s past time that I revisited it.

5 thoughts on “Friday Fare: Dreaming of spring”

  1. Christopher Pike and R.L. Stine were staples on my reading list when I was younger! I couldn’t get enough. Which reminds me, I really should reread the Fear Street Saga one of these days…

    Which was your favorite Christopher Pike book?

    1. The book of Christopher Pike’s that stands out in my memory is “Witch.” (Maybe because the protagonist had red hair??) But I remember reading so many of his books – but that one was a favorite. 🙂

      1. I don’t think I read that one, and for the kife of me, I can’t remember the name of the one I liked best. I do remember that it was made into a TV movie with Amy Jo Johnson and that the movie was also pretty good, but that’s about it. Oh, books, how I love you! 🙂

  2. Looking forward to seeing you at tonight’s book signing. Always good to see friendly faces in the audience — especially if you’ll have a beer or two with me afterward. 🙂

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