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Friday Fare: 5/6/16

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Although the Interwebs have been ripe with all sorts of interesting article (some of which I’ve actually been able to read!), I didn’t have time to assemble a formal Friday Fare today.  So I’ll leave you with a picture and a quick story.  I’m re-reading Stephen King’s “IT” (for the zillionth time?), because I want to see how he does it.  I was in high school the first time I read “IT” and I remember being too scared to look out my bedroom window, because I was sure that I’d see Pennywise the Clown looking in at me through the screen, his Ronald McDonald hair illuminated by the yard light next to the lilac tree.  Now as a writer, I want to figure out how he did it – what senses did King play upon to scare the bejesus out of me?  Was it the backstory?  Character development?

So, I’m sitting in the sunshine while my kids are playing in the sandbox.  My eldest (3 1/2) comes running up to me.  “Let me see, mommy.”  (Usually, he calls me mama, but eldest has been binge watching “Caillou” again, so my given name has taken on a Canadian inflection and borders on whiny.  Damn you Caillou!)  Not thinking, I lift my book so he can see the cover and I hear a little gasp.

“What are those claws doing down there?”

Dammit.  “Um … that’s a dinosaur.”

“What’s a dinosaur doing in there?”

My husband had been snoozing in a deck chair next to me, and at this he opens eyes and gives me a look.

I give my eldest a hug.  “That’s a very good question.”


Happy Friday!

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