Random causes of celebration

_AdventuresinEditingThe grand tour of my sh*tty first draft of “After Life” (AL) is OVAH.  Or, at least, I’ve gone through the draft.  I’ve made copious amounts of notes and to-dos for round two and it’s time to let AL rest for a little bit and marinate in its wordy funk.

But while I have broke out the champagne (more about that below), there’s a lot of work to be done.  See this note that I left in the MS towards the end:

Pardon me, I’m blurry.


Oh well – I’ll get there.  I had some good revelations during the first draft review process. I’m hoping that the sense of “clarity” that I had during the discovery process will stay with me for version 2.


IN THE MEANTIME … I’ve had some recent causes of celebration that call for champagne.  At least adorable little cans of champagne.  WITH A STRAW.

  • Celebrating … a successful review of first draft edits!
  • Celebrating … some good news regarding a short story that I wrote earlier this year! (More about this when it’s official.)
  • Celebrating … some good work for other projects that I’ve been working on. (Wedding shower planning for my future niece!  Finishing a read on Jerry Johnson’s upcoming novel … trust me … when that goes live ORDER IT.)

Life is good, dear friends!  Hope all is well in your world!

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