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Friday Fare: 3/24/17

Friday Fare is where I post links to the random articles that have resonated with me during the week.

I tripped into a bit of an Internet wormhole this week and found a couple of older articles about the comedy stylings of two people I greatly admire.  First off – Janeane Garafalo; I still want to be her when I grow up.  And Michael Nesmith.  My love of The Monkees is well chronicled.  This piece talks about his underappreciated comic stylings.

This piece is from my local newspaper.  I tend to live on the cynical side of life, but do appreciate something that’s heartwarming.  This fit the bill.

Oh jeez – who am I joking?  I love the heartwarming stories.  This one – about a 91-year-old woman who chose an epic road trip over chemotherapy – had me smiling through my tears.

Friends are coming over this weekend.  This will happen in all of its chocolate caramel glory.


Listening: I’ve been listening to a lot of Iron and Wine and Gregory Ivan Isakov this week.  Somehow, this brother-sister folk duo keep sneaking in too.

Reading: George Saunders’ “Tenth of December.” “Enchantments: A novel of Rasputin’s Daughter and the Romanovs” by Kathryn Harrison. I also snuck Patricia Briggs’ latest “Silence Fallen” over the weekend.  That was a good read.

Fiction Update:  This week has been quiet on the fictional front.  Need to kick it back into high gear to get the edits completed on my short story and to dig into “Dragonfly.”  Work looks primed to ramp up again, so better to make hay now rather than when I’m knee deep in proposal hell.

Happy Friday!

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