Friday Fare: 6/22/18

It’s not like I’ve been on vacation, per se – although I recently enjoyed a road trip with my beloveds in Wisconsin, as well as an impromptu wedding in Iowa (I don’t know if the wedding was impromptu, but my role as the officiant was a last minute add.)  But June’s been a silent month for me on the Interwebs.  But since the last time we talked, my eldest finished his first year of school and summer has started in full force with the smells of sunblock and bug spray, ice cream to eat, and the elements that make a Midwestern summer one of the best times of year.  (And that’s even with humidity and mosquitoes.)  As my kids get older, I find myself thinking about my own summers as a kid and although I’ll never recreate those lazy days on the farm that I had, it’s fun to make different memories with my children.  This summer has been a good one.  (<– Which, given the state of the world right now, it hurts a bit to type those words.  #familiesbelongtogether )

Work is now picking up again.  I didn’t take advantage of the break as much as I should have, although my personal score for Dr. Mario improved immensely.

The writing is going well.  I’ve established a July deadline for edits with Dragonfly.

Don’t forget to put on sunscreen. Stay hydrated.  Check for ticks.

Much love,


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