Friday Fare: 4/19/19

It’s been one of those weeks where I’ve had more obligations to attend to than actual time. In the midst of all of this, I’ve had sick kids, work deadlines, and a wedding anniversary to celebrate. (Ten years. Hooray to us. We like each other as much as we love each other and to be honest … I’ve always thought that there are people you are obligated to love. Hence, I’m grateful for the depth of affection I have for my husband, but I’m also gratified that even after 20+ years of knowing each other we haven’t run out of things to talk about and that I’d rather spend time with him than anyone else. And PS – he’s hot.)

Fiction takes a back burner on weeks like these. That and I have to write notes to myself with “stretch goals”. (And trust me – these are mundane. Things like “remember to take your noon vitamins!” and “finish reading and reviewing [insert book title here].”)

Here’s what’s new in links this week:

I’m still a sucker for productivity articles.  This was a decent one.

I think if there was a Venn diagram that showed my life and how it intersected with the sports world … erm.  Well – it would be non-existent.  But I have a friend who’s a college football coach (I know … my life is wonderful and random) and he’s also kicking leukemia’s ass and was recently featured on a podcast.  I took time out of my folk Spotify feed to listen to it and man … I am so proud to call Coach Mike Dovenberg a friend.  I really appreciated his anecdote about his mom sanitizing the coaching box so Mike could attend games (if you know his mom, you’d understand why this image caused me a simultaneous amount of joy and tears … I hold his mom up to a gold standard), but I appreciated the thoughts that went through Mike’s head when he was diagnosed with leukemia.  “So what, now what … what are you going to do?”  Mike’s no longer a kid, but when I think of him, I think of the eight-year-old I befriended in Malta.  The kid I went fishing with along the Mediterranean Sea.  I admire his practicality and I think the world of him.  So what, now what?  It feels like the coaches’ version of Mary Oliver’s “Tell me, what is it you plan to do / With your one wild and precious life?”
Buca de Beppo is one of my favorite restaurants.  It was funny to read a history about it in Bon Appetit magazine.


I don’t really have anything new on the Listening and Reading fronts this week.  Unless you count this recent acquisition:

Writing Life: Slow, but meaningful progress.  I’ve also been knee deep in planning efforts for a couple Mystery Writers of America-Midwest initiatives – the MWA-Midwest Critique Program and the upcoming Wordplay festival!

Happy Friday!  Make it a good one.

– Shelley


What is Friday Fare? As a recap, on Fridays I post link love to the various bits of arcane shiz I discover on the Interwebs.  I liken it to a glimpse into my mind, but without the 80s song lyrics or mental cobwebs.

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