2019 | Don’t let the door hit ya …

… where the good lord split ya.

Oooooh 2020, so glad that you’ve made your way into my life.

I am one of those (annoyingly) glass is half full type people. (Or in my case, the coffee cup is perpetually 3/4 of the way full and edging on cold, but it’s still coffee.  Yay!  Coffee.)  But 2019 challenged me.  It challenged me personally with the loss of my beloved cat and my grandma.  It challenged me professionally with some work shenanigans.  It challenged me creatively with more commitments than I had time for.

Despite the challenges, I am still writing. I am the mother of two adorable and creative kidlets (also affectionately known as my hellions.)  Our family grew by eight paws this fall when we adopted two kittens (although I still miss my curmudgeonly old man.)  My husband is still great and devastatingly handsome (and supportive <– probably the most important part.)  Even at its most challenging, my life is really damn good.

I am currently working on an “annual review” article that’s inspired by one of my favorite authors, J.T. Ellison. And despite the fact that I’ve been on vacation for the past week, I literally just started thinking about putting that together and goal setting for the new year.  2020 may be a new year and a new decade, but I’m still a little bit behind the organizational eight-ball.

My blessings to you all for a good year!

– Shelley

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