Monday Mayhem: 5/2/2022

Monday MayhemHappy Monday, dear ones. I’ve really been trying to read a lot lately – some of it is related to my new Work In Progress, some of it is because I am finally getting some of my “hold” books in from the library. (No joke, I waited about a year for V.E. Schwab’s Addie LaRue book.) My girlfriends and I signed up for a triathlon in August and I am seriously questioning my sanity. (This will be Year Two for this … it’s a run, bike, and hike tri … believe it or not, the hike is the part that kills ya. It makes a 5K and a 15-mile bike ride look like child’s play.)

Anyway – here’s what’s been consumed lately:

Am Reading:

(Still) Reading:

Finished The Wolf Wants In by Laura McHugh (fantastic – I gave my copy to my dad and he’s loving it too – WIN!); Forward by Abby Wambach; and Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone by Diana Gabaladon. To be honest, Gabaladon’s books are getting so long – I would like that finish to count as two or three books.


Considering that our youngest child is totally chiding us on the profanity content of what we’ve been watching on TV lately, I’ve reached for a safe bet and am making my way through the BBC’s Sherlock series. So far I am enjoying it.

Am Writing:

Coffee shop dates, at the teeny tiny lunchroom tables at my son’s dancing classes, etc.  I’m trying.

– Shelley


Monday Mayhem is what happens when I neglect to write a Friday Fare. Or it can be any kind of article that happens to be published on a Monday.  I hope that it provides a great start to your week!

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