Friday Fare: 9/30/22

I’m getting ready to drive this weekend to officiate my niece’s wedding. My brother has five children and this is the second wedding I’ve performed for his progeny. Selfishly, I hope that I get to officiate all of their weddings, but time will tell. (And I would not be pissed at any of my remaining nephews if they decided to elope in Vegas, but if they do – it has to be by an Elvis impersonator.)

My niece is marrying one heck of a great guy and I’m excited to be part of their day.

Otherwise – work is getting back in the swing of things this week and I’m grateful, but also grateful that it was slow when I split focus and was working on Bouchercon.

So – nothing too new and cool on my radar screen, but I made this one-pot orzo dish from Half-Baked Harvest and while it was good, the leftovers were even better. I think this one is going to be a go-to in my repertoire.

Am Reading:

I really need to dedicate a post to the amazing books I read as part of my prep for Bouchercon 2022, but in an attempt to read more than I scroll on social media (and to reach my Goodreads goal of 50 books this years), here’s what I’ve downed lately:

SHUTTER by Ramona Emerson – holy hell that was a good book. David Heska Wanbli Weiden recommended it and I’m glad I picked it up.

KISMET by Amina Akhtar – Again … amazing.  Amina and I are social media friends and she’s wicked funny, wicked talented, and gives me makeup advice via DMs on Instagram. I adore her and this book set in the wellness communities of Arizona was a fast-paced, spooky read.

Currently reading – I feel like Bobby Mathews is my brother from another mother and I got to spend some time talking with him at Bouchercon. LIVING THE GIMMICK has been on my TBR list for awhile and now that I’m 5 chapters deep, I am pissed that I didn’t read it as soon as it came out.  Sincerely – it is an incredible murder mystery featuring the world of professional wrestling.


Hubs and I started watching Andor. I don’t know what I enjoy more – the Star Wars canon or snoogling up to my partner and our cats.  Win, win in my book.

Am Writing:

I *am* writing! Last week I joined the ranks of the #5AMWritersClub, but wasn’t able to keep up the practice this week. BUT – Q4 of 2022 is coming up and since I’m weird and make quarterly plans for my work, fiction, and personal life, I have big schemes ahead of me.

– Shelley


What is Friday Fare? As a recap, on Fridays I post link love to the various bits of arcane shiz I discover on the Interwebs.  I liken it to a glimpse into my mind, but without the 80s song lyrics or mental cobwebs.


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