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Friday Fare: 11/11/16

Friday Fare is where I post links to the random articles that have resonated with me during the week. Sometimes they make me smarter, sometimes they make me hungry … sometimes they have to do with writing and sometimes they are just plain random.

Aaaaah!  I missed Friday Fare last week.  I’d like to tell you that I had a good reason, but that reason … I don’t remember.  Work is crazy again, which has it’s upsides (paycheck! a sense of usefulness!) and its downsides (it takes me away from writing! it’s work! i’m suffering from a cold, ergo i have little to no energy!).

There’s a lot going on in the world right now.  (Understatement.) I’ve got a lot of feels about what’s going on, but what I’m focusing on is being as kind as possible to those I meet.


Listening to: I’m officiating a wedding for a pair of dear friends this weekend and the bride’s father will be singing “The Wedding Song” written by Noel “Paul” Stookey for Peter Yarrow’s 1969 wedding.  I’m not going to lie … this song gets me kinda weepy when I listen to it.  And while I was reading up on it, I was surprised to see that the first time it was performed (ahem, at Yarrow’s wedding), it was performed at a Catholic church in Willmar, Minnesota.  I lived in Willmar for three years!  But this little fact was from Wikipedia, it couldn’t be true, could it?  Well, I emailed one of my dear friends who is a Willmar native and something of an amateur music historian and this was his note back to me:  “Your information about the ‘Wedding Song’ is correct. Peter Yarrow and Mary McCarthy got married at St. Mary’s Church on (sic) Willmar. And I was at their wedding as a matter o fact. My friend Kent and I were among the uninvited guests (kids) hanging out in the church narthex.” <– How cool is that?

Reading:  I found a copy of “Death Along the Spirit Road” by C.M. Wendelboe at a local bookstore recently.  I’m only a few pages in, but it’s good.

Fiction Update:  *crickets* OK – so maybe it isn’t that bad, but I haven’t been able to write since last weekend. Grump!  Hoping to make up for some lost time this weekend.

Remember, kindness is free – sprinkle that shit everywhere.  (h/t to whoever said that … it’s a great sentiment.)