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Friday Fare: 12/16/16

Friday Fare is where I post links to the random articles that have resonated with me during the week.

I don’t have a bucket list, but if I did, this would be on it.

Adult SpaghettiOs.  This is something I can get behind.

2016 was the year we lost a lot of things and a lot of people.  This was a beautifully written piece that interviewed some of Prince’s closest friends.


Listening to: Patti Smith’s performance in accepting Bob Dylan’s Nobel Peace Prize was evocative and her honesty was heart wrenching.  And when she had to ask to start over the second verse?  A beautiful moment of humanity.

Reading:  Finished “Death Along the Spirit Road” by C.M. Wendelboe.  I’m looking forward to reading his other two books.  Also downloaded “Rosemary: The Hidden Kennedy Daughter” by Kate Clifford Larson.  And while I was eagerly ready to read some non-fiction, the formatting is screwed up in the Kindle version.  CURSES!  So … will have to go to the library to get my Kennedy fix.

Fiction Update:  Good things are happening. 🙂

Happy weekend!

Friday Fare, Internet Articles, Process, Random

Friday Fare: Links from the around the ‘Net

FridayFareConfession:  I love the Internet (affectionately known in my household as “the Interwebs.”).  On Fridays, I’m going to post a round up of the various posts and articles that have been of interest to me during the week:

I have a lot of articles that I’ve pulled down this week and are waiting for me in my bookmarks, but since life is crazy, my time has been limited to read them!  Next week will likely be full of information.

In the meantime, since I like to cook and since I love J.T. Ellison, I was thrilled to see that she has now archived the recipes that she’s included in her monthly newsletters.


Listening to: I spent a little bit too much time on the FB earlier this week and one of my girlfriends posted that NPR had a “First Listen” segment featuring Damien Rice.  I really like it when my musical tastes veer in other directions and am so very glad that my friend recommended this.

Listening II:  My parents and I are going to see Garth Brooks at the Target Center tonight.  So maybe I shouldn’t be listening to Patti Smith … it might be time to put on the “Double Live” album.  I. CAN’T. WAIT – tonight’s concert is going down in the books!

Reading:  “Shifting Shadows” by Patricia Briggs and I’m trying to get into “Sneaking Suspicions” by Jan Hinds.  In terms of Hinds’ book, it’s nothing against her, but it’s more about the genre.  It’s a futuristic thriller and that’s not a genre I choose to read often.  So – the future leaves me meh, but give me some werewolves and other paranormal characters and I am a happy camper!  “Shadows” is incredible – this is a collection of short stories from Briggs’ “Mercy Thompson” world.  Last night, I read “Grey” and I am just reminded what a wonderful transport a short story can provide.  I got “Shadows” from the library, but on the strength of “Grey” alone, I think I need to buy a copy of Briggs’ book.

Fiction update:  I am making progress.  Slowly but surely.