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30 Days – Day 1

Towards the tail end of October, The Writer’s Circle posted a photo on Facebook that contained a 30-Day Writing Challenge. I liked the questions and I liked the idea of sharing a little bit more information about me (as opposed to my strange Internet reading habits), I decided to join in! If you’re participating – go ahead and leave a comment with your links below!

1 - Writing Challenge

  1. Five problems with social media

1) Um … it is the vortex where all ambition goes to die? Maybe that’s a little harsh, but seriously – I’ve had plenty of moments where I’ve planned to just take a quick peek at my Facebook page and come out of my trance 15 minutes later (erm, probably more like 45) totally disoriented as to where the time went.

2) My Twitter feed is currently capped at 2,000 followers. It pisses me off and at the current time, there’s not an easy solution. Darn you Twitter!

3) Internet trolls and their adoration of the comments section. After 37 years of life and at least most of the past seven years spent with social media in my life, you’d think that I’d know better than to read the comments that people leave on posts. But no – I click. I read. I get depressed at peoples’ stupidity and at how they think they are all superior to everyone when they can’t even spell.

4) Too Much Information (TMI). And I’m not talking about the time that there were two of my family members fighting on the Facebook and one of them posted something totally raunchy about their sex lives. (Yes, that happened. I’m from a small town and I swear that everyone I graduated with saw that particular post. It was terrible.) I’m talking about the fact that before Facebook and other social media, I probably didn’t know the political leanings of 75% of people that I know. Then I go on there and see a former teacher of mine saying something disparaging about LGBT people. COME ON TEACH! If I was a queer student and I saw the Bible verse you just quoted, I would know damn well that your class isn’t a safe environment. That’s the kind of thing that kills me.

5) I admire my husband and his staunch refusal to have a social media presence. (Other than the forums that he participates in to track his board game stats … yes, I love that man and his nerdiness.) I’d like to think that I could just go dark and leave Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest behind. (Pinterest and Twitter probably wouldn’t be too much of a challenge …). But I keep reading stuff about authors cultivating their social media presence and how agents look for that sort of thing.

I like social media. I appreciate the ways that it brings people together. As an author, I love the idea of how it will allow people access to my books, my thoughts, etc. But I like leaving it behind on weekends. I think that it’s something best consumed and experienced in moderation.

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