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30 Days – Day 2

Towards the tail end of October, The Writer’s Circle posted a photo on Facebook that contained a 30-Day Writing Challenge. I liked the questions and I liked the idea of sharing a little bit more information about me (as opposed to my strange Internet reading habits), I decided to join in! If you’re participating – go ahead and leave a comment with your links below!

  1. Your earliest memory

I’ve been the mother of boys for three years now and the longer that I’m at this parenting challenge, the clearer a particular memory is for me. In this memory I am probably three or four years old, it is naptime, and instead of sleeping I am fascinated by the sound that my hands make as I sit on the floor beside my crib and push at the carpeted floor by the doorway. The sound that I’m creating … it sounds like footsteps coming up the stairs! My memory ends as I was scooped up off of the floor by my poor, beleaguered mother.

What I like about that particular memory is that I actually remember the thought process that was going through my head at the time. How astonishing it was that my hands were creating such sounds! I don’t remember being scolded when my mom busted me, I don’t even remember feeling dismay … I just remember the wonderment.

I think that memory comes back to me now because of my own children. Because of some of the astonishing things that they do. They make no sense to me, but they are world building … the sounds that they make, the things they see – it’s everything to them right now.


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