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Friday Fare: 8/5/16

Friday FareFriday Fare is where I post links to the random articles that have resonated with me during the week. Sometimes they make me smarter, sometimes they make me hungry … sometimes they have to do with writing and sometimes they are just plain random.

Power to the people … I was among the miffed and the peeved when I read that the new iteration of “Sesame Street” was going to be without my beloved Bob McGrath.  (Seriously – I once tried to acquire a 1960’s McGrath album as an anniversary gift for my hubby.  Because nothing says love like obscure vintage vinyl!) But management had a change of heart. Yes, I know that the “Sesame Street” of my childhood is vastly different than the Elmo-driven … erm … drivel of today’s generation, but McGrath and Co. should be able to retire when they damn well please.  (*Crosses arms over chest and stomps over to the corner to pout.*)

“Sesame Street” may have molded much of my childhood, but when it came time to go to college, the soundtrack to “Rocky Horror Picture Show” was what was usually blasting from my six-disc changer.  (<– That paragraph alone may explain a lot about me.)  Was glad to see that Tim Curry, my undergraduate crush, is back in business after a recent stroke and involved with the new iteration of RHPS.

I don’t know where in the universe you’re living, but it’s really hot in Minnesota right now.  Humid, sticky, I-don’t-want-to-even-see-next-month’s-energy-bill hot.  Hot weather = perfect guacamole eating weather.  (Although who am I joking?  It’s always a good time to eat guac.)  Someone posted Boris Karloff’s guac recipe on the interwebs and it was too cool to not post here.


Listening to: Remember when I wrote about my hunch regarding Gregory Alan Isakov’s new album (in collaboration with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra).  Yup … called it.  It’s ddddaaaaaaamnnnnn good.

Reading:  Jerry Johnson’s latest novel. Oh wait … it’s an advanced copy.  I’ll let y’all know when it’s available to the general public, because it. is. good.

Fiction Update:  I’m trying to get my draft to a point where I can let it rest for a bit before I tackle the next round of edits.  I had a couple last minute epiphanies that totally kicked ass and I want to make sure that I capture those thoughts before I let my draft go fallow for a bit.

Enjoy the weekend!

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