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Friday Fare: Happy New Year (1/6/17)

Friday Fare is where I post links to the random articles that have resonated with me during the week.

I was driving down to a charming town in southeast Minnesota to meet up with this guy and his lovely wife when the radio DJ announced that Carrie Fisher had died.  Afterwards, she played the “Han Solo and the Princess” love theme from Empire Strikes Back and immediately followed that with Paul Simon’s “Hearts and Bones.”  It was a perfect benediction for my sad heart.  I was probably too young when I discovered Carrie Fisher’s writing – I was a kid when I found a copy of “Postcards from the Edge” and received an education on the wit and prose of the woman I knew as Princess Leia.  And while the Interwebs and social media are filled with pictures of Ms. Fisher as Leia – Princess (1970s) and General (2016), my favorite roles are a toss up between her turn as the beleaguered wife in “The ‘Burbs”  (<– don’t judge me, I effing love that movie) or the jilted fiancee from “Blues Brothers.”  However, out of all the tributes that came out – this one, from her brother-in-arms and “space twin” Mark Hamill – was my favorite.


Listening to: This is literally what is playing right now on my YouTube.

Reading:  I can tell that I’m coming off of a successful writing jag – the desire to read has returned and I have a stack of books waiting for me at the library and several checked out to my Kindle.  This week I read Colleen Hoover’s “It Ends With Us.”  Chick lit is not typically my chosen genre for reading, but I literally could not put Hoover’s book down.  It had a great voice and a good pace.

Fiction Update:  This happened at the tail end of 2016.

20161216_180500I’m still doing some noodling in the pages to align the characters with where I want them to be, but the Sh*tty First Draft of “Dragonfly” is done.  I need to actually formalize my 2017 writing goals and will share them here once I’m done meandering them in my head.

Happy weekend!

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