Friday Fare

Friday Fare: 11/10/17

I shared this link awhile ago with a certain mentor of mine and told him that there’s a lot of Frances McDormand in the main character of my novel Dragonfly.  This woman is equal parts luminosity and sandpaper.  I adore Frances McDormand.

Thriller writer (and all around kick ass person) Cate Holahan contributed this piece to Miss Demeanors on “10 Bookstagrammers To Know”.  Instagram has emerged as an interesting medium for authors to promote their books.  Holahan’s piece spotlights a handful of them.


Finally, have a problem with clutter?  (Yeah, my office is something of a hovel / ready for a “Hoarders” intervention.)  Forget KonMari-ing everything, the New York Post sheds light on a new way to clean.  And who thought that the best thing to come out of Sweden were the Skarsgard men?


Listening: See my “Reading” note below, but every time I type the title of the book I’m currently reading, my mind hears Dusty Springfield:

Reading: Sherman Alexie’s memoir “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me.”  I had the pleasure of seeing Mr. Alexie speak up at Macalaster College in St. Paul a few years back.  He had either wrote or was in the process of writing this book and his talk featured stories about his late mother.  And man … when I remember was my amazement of how Alexie broke my heart one moment and then had me laughing until more tears were rolling down my face in the next.  His memoir is no different.

Writing Life: Girls’ weekend was a mad success.  I got some time to work on Dragonfly, as well as take notes and get inspiration for a project I’m working on with my friends Jessica Ellis Laine and Emily Gorman.  (H/T to Jessica for the photo below – although, technically it was my ridiculously long arms that captured the shot [ergo, why my face is hogging most of the frame.].)

As I indicated last week, I’m using National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) to finish rewrites on Dragonfly and am grateful for the Facebook group that’s helping me with accountability.  Mind you, work has been crazy SILLY busy this week, but even if I write 200 words – that’s still 200 words.


Have a good weekend, friends!

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