Friday Fare

Friday Fare: 12/29/17 (The “I really have nothing to say but ‘hi'” Edition)

I am grateful for vacation and long holiday weekends.  I’m grateful for Caribou Coffee and Americanos with room for cream.  And although you’d think that this cozy coffee shop would give me plenty of impetus for inspiration (or “scope for the imagination” as my dear friend Anne Shirley would say), this day has found me relatively tapped of anything other than a fond hello to my blog readers.  I hope that whatever holiday traditions you embrace, that you’ve had a pleasant season, and that you’re eying 2018 with a sense of adventure versus trepidation.

I’ll be back in 2018.  I have some stories to share and some goals to set.  In the meantime, merry everything and we’ll see you in the new year.


2 thoughts on “Friday Fare: 12/29/17 (The “I really have nothing to say but ‘hi'” Edition)”

  1. With Regan and Dylan visiting, we fulfilled a family “Christmas Tradition” — pizza on Christmas Eve (day) at Gus & Tony’s Steak House in Waukon. The impetus for a great Christmas – New Year week. Hope your week has been as wonderful as ours.

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