Friday Fare: 8/10/18

I think I basically said last week that it isn’t soup weather, but that didn’t stop me from hauling out my crock pot and making this broccoli and cheese soup.  Because … soup!

I have a ridiculous amount of books in my office, on my bookshelves, in my bedroom … you get the picture.  But I do keep buying books.  So, it’s good to know that there’s a word for folks who buy more books than they could ever humanly read.

This article was damn near effervescent with its good news.  Give a read about the Caledonian Pipe Band and their debut at Red Rocks!


Listening: Sunday was my second time seeing Nashville songstress Margo Price.  And although it was in the rain, man, it was worth it.  I think I have this video queued up at the 33 minute mark, but if I haven’t – well, you should watch the whole thing, but about halfway through Ms. Price does a cover of Tom Petty’s “Mary Jane’s Last Dance.”  Covers are typically sacrilege, but I could listen to Margo Price sing this over and over again. 

Reading: Finished Frank Weber’s “Murder Book.” Re-reading Alison Goodman’s “Dark Days Club” (because I own the hardback version of “Dark Days Pact” and I need to re-read the first book before I can move onto the second one.  Did you see the link above that talked about buying more books than I have time to read?).  Got a note from my library that Sherry Thomas’s second “Lady Sherlock” books is waiting for me.  I’m living the reading life, babies!

Writing Life: Reading break! Along with the pile ‘o books that I’m getting through, I’ve been beta reading for some friends this month and am LOVING the opportunity to help out my fellow writer friends.

– Shelley


What is Friday Fare? As a recap, on Fridays I post link love to the various bits of arcane shiz I discover on the Interwebs.  I liken it to a glimpse into my mind, but without the 80s song lyrics or mental cobwebs.

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