Rest easy, old friend

Not so eloquently stated, this week sucked.  I miss my cat.  My husband and I continue to look for him in his familiar spots and have our hearts cracked every day by the little things that follow a great loss.  Not having to worry about food out on the kitchen counters.  Not having to shut doors and having to block entryways.  I bought groceries today and did not have to worry that my feline would find the hamburger and attack it.  And then there are the larger things – that familiar mirp when coming up the stairs or that hip check he’d give when he’d find you in the bathroom.  Eighteen years worth of memories.  People tell me that the cat was lucky that I found him (which is a long story that involves a flexible moral compass, so it’s one that I’m happy to tell in person and not in writing), but to be honest – I was the lucky one.


4 thoughts on “Rest easy, old friend”

  1. Sorry about “Digger”, Shel. Never easy to lose a lifetime friend, four-legged or two. Bob

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  2. My condolences on Digger’s passing. I know you loved the joys (and aggravations?) of having his feline companionship for 18 years, and I know how much sadness and grief we go through when they reach the end of their days. Some time in July we must get together to toast the memory of Digger and Sasha,

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