Accountability Monday: Fueled by kombucha and deadlines

Well, “END” is highlighted in the Navigation Pane of my Microsoft Word program and technically, I made it through to the end of my latest round of edits.  (That happened at about 10:45 on Sunday night, sitting in one of my favorite coffee houses, sipping on some kombucha – which was a strangely satisfying alternative to the beer I was really wanting to drink.)

So … am I done?  Ummmm … no.  Well, I wasn’t going to be “done” (i.e. – ready to query agents) after this round.  I’m proud of how “Dragonfly” is shaping up, but I still need a beta read and some more work to get this piece of coal turned into a diamond.  And honestly, I need to print out the end (chapters 28 on to the end) to give it another thorough read and polish up some of the new material I’ve created over the last couple of weeks.

But … I’m closer to the end than I was a year ago.  Even a month ago.  And that’s something to be excited about.

As Elizabeth Gilbert says: “Onward.”

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