Friday Fare: Upcoming Challenge!

30 Day Writing Challenge - Writers Circle
Taken from The Writer’s Circle Facebook Page

November may be all about National Novel Writing Month, but since I’m going to be doing more editing than world creating, I thought I’d participate in this challenge recently posted on The Writer’s Circle Facebook page.  Stay tuned – this challenge starts on November 1!


Seven things …

Source: morgueFile photos
Source: morgueFile photos

My fellow Sister in Crime, Sheyna Galyan, tagged me on Facebook the other day to talk about “seven things about my writing habits.”  It was a fun exercise and since I don’t have any of my craptacular pictures to share with you, I thought I’d repost this here:

Seven things about my writing habits:

1) I have to play music while I’m writing. In fact, I tend to build playlists for my books as I go along. Music is essential to my character building process, it also helps me set the scene.

2) I like to edit my stories by printing off my draft and using a pen to mark the hell out of it. I don’t have a problem creating a story on my computer, but when it comes to edits – I think better when I’m dealing with hard copy.

3) I have a terrible habit of abandoning projects in favor of “greener” pastures. So, right now, I have three fairly fleshed out stories that I’ve been working on over the past ten years or so. As you can imagine, this causes lots of problems when I come back to the projects that I’ve shelved. So, anymore I work on one thing at a time.

4) The current story that I’m working on (I call it “After Life” or “AL” for short) is the first book that I started writing in my adult life and I will be so happy to get it done. Every time I’ve set it up on a shelf, it’s the story that keeps bugging me to be written.

5) When I first think up a story, I just the story go where it will take me. But the older that I get (and the less time I have), I’ve found that I creating an outline of my story helps immensely. It helps to keep me on track and it helps when I have to switch my focus from working on fiction to other tasks.

6) Although I feel like I’ve been writing stories my entire life, I’m really awkward about admitting that I’m a writer. Which is weird, because it’s what I do in my professional life, but I’ve always worried that folks would think I’m delusional if I told them that I write novels in my spare time. Then I realized that they probably already think that, so that’s a hurdle I no longer worry about. 🙂

7) I’ve been writing since I was a kid, I’ve been a professional writer for over 15 years, but I’ve only been treating the novel as a “career” for the past three years and I’m constantly amazed at how much I learn every year that I write. I just sincerely hope that my next book won’t take so effing long to finish.


Baby steps!

I took a tentative step towards becoming “legit” in the social media world today and created an author page on Facebook.  Then I promptly “unpublished” it.  Because while I have plans, dreams, and schemes – one of those being the creation of a relevant and robust author’s platform – I have to be honest … creating that page created two feelings for me.  The first – a little bit of glee.  I can’t wait until I can turn this page on and be like “look at me!  I’m an author!”  And then the other part of me wants to duck in a corner because … well.  I’m not a published author yet.  (Notice, I said “published.”  I do believe that there is a distinction.)

Anyway – I’ll share more later about some of the research I’m doing in regards to social media.  And when I’m not such a chicken shit, I’ll share the link to my Facebook page.  For now, I assure you that I’m not taking myself too seriously.  After all – how could I do that when this is my profile picture?

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Michelle Kubitz, looking like a dope since 1978.