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Marketing Madness

A couple things to share … first, my business cards for the Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) conference in April:


Got these from VistaPrint and went for something that was simple and classic.  I thought about using a different color of cardstock, but this is what felt right to me at the time and I’m pleased with the end result.

Another item that I’ve created in my continuing attempts to build my author base and to give myself a crash-course tutorial in Canva, I created the following header that I’ve put on my Twitter feed:

MaurA WALTONThis isn’t as simple of a design as the business card, but it was a fun starter project to familiarize myself with what Canva has to offer.  (Plus – it shows sunshine.  Oh dear Lord, I miss warm weather.)

Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive – I spent less than $25 on the business cards that are evergreen and can be used beyond my upcoming conference.  And basic designs in Canva are free to use.

Hope you all are having a WONDERFUL day!


Baby steps!

I took a tentative step towards becoming “legit” in the social media world today and created an author page on Facebook.  Then I promptly “unpublished” it.  Because while I have plans, dreams, and schemes – one of those being the creation of a relevant and robust author’s platform – I have to be honest … creating that page created two feelings for me.  The first – a little bit of glee.  I can’t wait until I can turn this page on and be like “look at me!  I’m an author!”  And then the other part of me wants to duck in a corner because … well.  I’m not a published author yet.  (Notice, I said “published.”  I do believe that there is a distinction.)

Anyway – I’ll share more later about some of the research I’m doing in regards to social media.  And when I’m not such a chicken shit, I’ll share the link to my Facebook page.  For now, I assure you that I’m not taking myself too seriously.  After all – how could I do that when this is my profile picture?

family 003
Michelle Kubitz, looking like a dope since 1978.