Baby steps!

I took a tentative step towards becoming “legit” in the social media world today and created an author page on Facebook.  Then I promptly “unpublished” it.  Because while I have plans, dreams, and schemes – one of those being the creation of a relevant and robust author’s platform – I have to be honest … creating that page created two feelings for me.  The first – a little bit of glee.  I can’t wait until I can turn this page on and be like “look at me!  I’m an author!”  And then the other part of me wants to duck in a corner because … well.  I’m not a published author yet.  (Notice, I said “published.”  I do believe that there is a distinction.)

Anyway – I’ll share more later about some of the research I’m doing in regards to social media.  And when I’m not such a chicken shit, I’ll share the link to my Facebook page.  For now, I assure you that I’m not taking myself too seriously.  After all – how could I do that when this is my profile picture?

family 003
Michelle Kubitz, looking like a dope since 1978.

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